5 Reasons You Need a dōTERRA Business Card

Business Card ExchangeWe never know when a great networking opportunity will present itself. Having a business card on hand shows we are ready to sell our brand anytime, anywhere. Some argue that business cards are no longer useful, yet these "paper handshakes" serve as a tangible reminder of our product. At Essential Oil Print, your product is our product. As fellow doTERRA representatives, we custom-design business cards that represent our product and your personality. Here are five reasons why it's important to have a business card.

They Demonstrate Professionalism

Offering our business cards at networking events demonstrates that we are prepared. We give the impression that this isn't our first time meeting a new contact. A professionally-designed business card shows that we have invested time and resources into pitching our brand, product, or service.

They’re Always Accessible

We often see blog posts on LinkedIn and related sites telling us that business cards are a thing of the past. At conferences and workshops, it's all too common to see professionals exchanging contact information digitally. However, technology is not infallible, and there are certain places and situations where it's not feasible to exchange or retrieve information via smartphone or laptop. Business cards are accessible even in dead zones and amid system crashes.

They Convey Not Only Your Product, But Also Your Personality

A business card provides an opportunity for creativity that just isn't possible when exchanging an email or scrawling our contact information on a scrap of paper. Well-designed business cards stand out and give our contacts a better idea of what we're about. A catchy logo and font styles grab people's attention and help them remember our product.

They Are a Proven Networking Tool

A strategically-designed card will make a longer-lasting impression than other means of exchanging contact information. As a concrete reminder of our brand, it is more likely to be shared. Many professionals recommend including a photo on the card. After a networking event, a person may receive dozens of cards. Being able to put a face to a name via a professional "mug shot" makes the business card recipient more likely to follow up.

They Are More Personal Than Other Methods of Networking

It can be disconcerting to introduce ourselves to someone, only to have them pull out their smartphone, look down at the screen, and begin typing. It may even be considered rude. Handing over a business card allows us to maintain eye contact. Exchanging contact information digitally can sometimes be one-sided, as someone may ask for our email, promising to send his or her information. We may never receive that email, or, by the time we do, it's just one of a dozen or more similar messages.

Make Your Business Card Count with Essential Oil Print

At Essential Oil Print, we are just as dedicated as you are to promoting doTERRA products. Enlisting our services gives you several advantages:

  • The best quality for the best price
  • A full refund if you are not satisfied with your order
  • Free shipping on your order
  • Designs you can relate to, created by Wellness Advocates like you

It doesn't stop there. Leaving your business card printing needs to us allows you to make a difference, too. For every order placed with us, $1 will be donated to doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation, our nonprofit that partners with other organizations to empower impoverished communities around the world to become self-reliant. We are committed to making a global impact while we help you take your business to the next level, so if you’re ready, contact us here, or call 1-800-610-4758 today.

Importance of Business Cards infographic

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