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EssentialOilPrint.com | doTERRA Business Cards for Wellness Advocates


Developing Business: The Importance of Business Cards for Wellness Advocates

Generating leads and following up on them are two of the biggest challenges for any Wellness Advocate, but business cards can help. Essential Oil Print offers a variety of designs to choose from that help communicate your skill set and relevant contact information to potential clients. Developing Your Business as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate,…
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dōTERRA Essential Oils for Winter Wellness

Preparing and boosting one’s health in preparation of the severe winter cold months is a natural survival instinct from the earliest origins of humanity. Healthy practices such as taking vitamin and herbal supplements, indoor exercise like Yoga, and wearing warm clothing like gloves and hats, can protect health during the onslaught of the chillier temperatures.…
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Tips for Selling dōTERRA Essential Oils in the Winter

Winter provides many reasons for using essential oils, as well as opportunities to provide your customers with welcome relief from the stress of the holiday season. Essential oils make the perfect holiday gift. From creating a pleasant chemical-free scent for home entertaining to softening dry skin and preventing winter colds and flu, your dōTERRA products…
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dōTERRA Business Cards for Fall and Winter

As a dōTERRA business owner, the level of your success is up to you. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. There are potential customers all around you. All you have to do is show them that you have products that can help in their daily lives. A little marketing can go a long way, and business cards…
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Tips for Creating the Perfect Business Card

You work hard to make your business a success. You treat your customers right, offer quality products and services, and hire the most knowledgeable, hardworking employees you can find. When it all comes together nicely, your company does well. Ask any successful business owner what makes his company such a success, and they’ll tell you:…
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Wellness Advocate Business Cards

Every one of our business cards is a work of art designed to leave an impression in the mind of anyone who receives it. Essential Oil Print specializes in distilling the essence of the dōTerra wellness mission into colorful, attention grabbing cards that Wellness Advocates can use to spread their message far and wide, watching their…
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5 Reasons You Need a dōTERRA Business Card

We never know when a great networking opportunity will present itself. Having a business card on hand shows we are ready to sell our brand anytime, anywhere. Some argue that business cards are no longer useful, yet these "paper handshakes" serve as a tangible reminder of our product. At Essential Oil Print, your product is our product. As fellow doTERRA representatives, we custom-design business cards…
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dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

Bishnu used to walk up to four hours each day to collect water for his family. While children in other countries attended school, Bishnu's feet, blistered and bloody, carried the 9-year old across the dusty ground day in and day out. The return trip was grueling, a heavy pot of water threatening to leave his beleaguered body unable to…
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BroTerra: DoTerra Business Cards For Men

Essentials oils have transcended the fragile, fleeting status of fad and proven to be a useful, therapeutic product for men, women and children. Essential Oil Print has developed a line of dōTERRA business cards for Wellness Advocates who want to work the brōTERRA style and reach out to people in a one-of-a-kind way. brōTERRA: What's It…
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dōTERRA Business Cards For Spring

Springtime, when thoughts turn to flowers, gentle rain, and – business cards. Why not take time this spring and order more business cards, or even change the style of your business cards? Just like you change the battery in your smoke detector when daylight savings comes, spring should be a time to reassess your business…
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