BroTerra: DoTerra Business Cards For Men

Essentials oils have transcended the fragile, fleeting status of fad and proven to be a useful, therapeutic product for men, women and children. Essential Oil Print has developed a line of dōTERRA business cards for Wellness Advocates who want to work the brōTERRA style and reach out to people in a one-of-a-kind way.

brōTERRA: What's It All About?

Broterra-Beard-Business-CardIn order to engage a broader group of Wellness Advocates and customers, the dōTerra company initiated a brōTerra campaign to reach out to and involve more men. The benefits of essential oils don’t start or stop with one gender. They are suitable for all of us, but to understand how and why, you first have to consider, “What exactly are essential oils?” Technically speaking, they are liquid distillations of natural, aromatic compounds extracted from various plant parts, such as seeds, stems, flowers and roots. Fragrant, potent and possessing the ability to change states, essential oils can be used for food preparation, health practices and mental wellness, to name a few. They can be applied aromatically, topically or internally. Men might use them for:

  • Mood lifters
  • After-exercise formulas
  • Homemade aftershave, soaps and colognes
  • Mental focus and concentration elixirs
  • Massage therapy

Distinctive brōTERRA Business Cards

If you are selling a product as a company representative, your business card should be a reflection of the brand as well as yourself, and both should be memorable – not something that looks, feels and seems disposable. When it comes to marketing, appealing to your particular audience is crucial. No company has captured the spirit of the brōTERRA movement better than Essential Oil Print. They sell a unique line of affordable, full-color, double-sided business cards that run the gamut from elegantly simple and straightforward to funky and fun. Each style of card, however, is eye-catching, easy to read and designed with male distributors and recipients in mind. Take a closer look at some of Essential Oil Print’s brōTERRA business cards:

  • For those more straightforward, the die-cut card in the shape of a dōTERRA bottle communicates a clear message using an easy-to-identify (and remember) image.
  • The Wood Design: It’s rugged yet suave. Simple yet stately. Strong but smooth. It’s brōTERRA to a T.
  • The LavenderPeppermintSandalwood and Cinnamon cards each contain a picture of their respective plant on one side and a vibrant associated color on the other. No frills, just fetching.
  • The brōTERRA Beard style (for the "oil bros") lends a splash of humor to make your card stand out among those suffering from predictability.

Essential Oil Print’s selection doesn’t stop there. They offer a little something for every taste and preference. For all cards, you can choose to put a glossy UV finish on the front, back, both sides or neither.

The Essence of Essential Oil Print

If Essential Oil Print’s exclusive brōTERRA line is not enough to entice you, consider the company's other unique, high-quality business cards. Mind you, all cards are designed for Wellness Advocates by Wellness Advocates, which means you are certain to receive a product created and crafted by individuals who know and are passionate about wellness, essential oils and the dōTERRA culture. Additionally, Essential Oil Print donates $1 from every sale to dōTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation, a nonprofit that aspires to spread health and wellness throughout the world. With a money-back guarantee and free shipping within the continental United States, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get in touch with Essential Oil Print here, or call (800) 610-4758.

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