dōTERRA Business Cards For Spring

Springtime, when thoughts turn to flowers, gentle rain, and – business cards. Why not take time this spring and order more business cards, or even change the style of your business cards? Just like you change the battery in your smoke detector when daylight savings comes, spring should be a time to reassess your business cards, and none are better than Essential Oil Print, the business cards for dōTERRA Wellness Advocates.

Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

broterra cardsSome people might think that there is no longer a place for business cards in today’s fast-paced world. While it is faster and more efficient to email or text the information that you want and need from another person, there is something about business cards that gives them a far more personal touch.

If you add a person's contact information in your phone and you don’t see them or try to contact them for a few months, you may not remember which phone number or contact information was from them. If you have a business card that is interesting or personalized, people are more likely to remember the person who gave it to them. You can also put that business card in a Rolodex by industry if you need to, which makes it even more likely to be remembered and used. A business card should leave an impression of the person it's from.

Business Card Do’s and Don’ts


  • Make certain the information is accurate, lines are sharp, and any pictures look good.
  • Use a lot of cards. People cannot contact you if they don’t have a card. You may hand out two dozen cards and get no call-back. Number 25 might be THE card.
  • Use a color scheme that reflects your message.
  • Use quality paper stock.
  • Use standard sizes.


  • Don’t include pictures or graphics that don’t have anything to do with your business or service; If you love cats, leave them off the card, unless you’re a breeder, groomer, or vet.
  • Don’t use cards if they don’t demonstrate what makes you unique from your competitors.
  • Don’t print cards if they look cluttered. Take nonessential information off the card.
  • Don’t use home-made looking cards. You don’t want to look cheap or as though you are cutting corners at the expense of quality.

Essential Oil Print: Your dōTERRA Business Card Solution

When you use the Essential Oil Print line of business cards, you have a revitalized sense of pride in yourself and your business. These business cards are the best price and the highest quality. They are professional cards that will impress those who receive the them, while conveying your message in a way that’s unique to you.

All of the designs by Essential Oil Print have been created by fellow Wellness Advocates, including our exclusive broTERRA line of cards. These cards for male dōTERRA partners have a unique look, and are designed to demonstrate your personality.

One of the great things about Essential Oil Print cards is they come with money-back guarantee. If for any reason the client is not satisfied with an order, they can return it. We will then make the order the way the client wants it and send it back, or issue a refund. We also give $1 from every order to the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

Contact us here, or call 1-800-610-4758 to learn more about updating your dōTERRA business cards this spring.

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