dōTERRA Business Cards for Wellness Advocates with Licensed dōTERRA Images

First impressions really do count. When you are trying to build your dōTERRA business, you have to learn how to get people to take notice. This comes by showcasing great products, helping clients discover the beneficial effects of essential oils, and turning them on to these health-changing products. But

how can you accomplish all of this? The first thing you need to do is make your clients understand dōTERRA and why they need it, and that’s where Essential Oil Print can help.

What is dōTERRA?

Essential oils are becoming a mainstay in today’s healthy lifestyle. Extracted from plants, these all natural oils have many homeopathic properties. dōTERRA makes it easier for the general public to navigate the complex understanding of essential oils and their use.

By harvesting their own essential oils, they guarantee the purest form of oils. Using steam distillation and expression, they can ensure that their oils exceed industry standards and are ready to help customers enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

By training Wellness Advocates all over the country, dōTERRA is making essential oils an essential part of the common family’s health regime. Essential oils have been shown to have a lasting effect on everyday health by:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Fighting infection
  • Regulating hormones
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Calming digestive issues
  • Relieving pain

How dōTERRA Wellness Advocates Help Fight Illness

As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, your job isn’t simply selling the products; it is educating the consumer about the powerful impact essential oils can have on the way they feel. In order to become a true essential oil advocate, you have to earn your clients trust. This requires presenting yourself as a true professional – an expert. There are a lot of ways to build your business, but the first place to start is with that first impression: Your business card.

Why Business Cards Are Important

With so many people glued to their cell phones and social media accounts, you may think that using a business card is old school. Far from outdated, business cards remain one of the #1 ways to showcase your business. That simple card you hold in your hand can open doors and make contacts that will help you build a business you can be proud of. Some of the benefits of the basic business card include:

  • Gives you an easy way to introduce yourself – and your dōTERRA products – to potential clients
  • Offers a simple way to highlight your brand
  • Allows others to shard the news about your dōTERRA business  Offers free advertising

Business Cards That Feature Specific Products

Business cards are an essential marketing tool, but not every business card will be effective. You need a business card that showcases the style, tone, and class of your brand. That is why Essential Oil Print makes a variety of dōTERRA business card styles – designed specifically with you and your growing business in mind.

Designed specifically to highlight dōTERRA’s products, Essential Oil Print gives dōTERRA Wellness Advocates the advantage, by making available high-end business cards with unique and original designs which highlight the exit products you are trying to sell. Not just an advertisement, these cards make a statement.

Some of the licensed images you have access to as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate include:

With a variety of color palates and designs, the business cards offered by Essential Oil Print offer the highest quality and most effective designs industry experts could create.

Order Your dōTERRA Business Cards Today

Don’t leave building your dōTERRA business to chance. Use all of the marketing helps available, including the professional-looking cards from Essential Oil Print. Check out what other Wellness Advocates have to say about our cards and see the many ways they sue them to gain attention and get new clients. Contact us here, or call 1-800-610-4758 to learn more!

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