This is for an instant e-Gift Card valid for any amount you choose. Recipient will receive  a gift certificate code via email instantly after placing your order. The benefit of this option is that it allows the recipient to pick a business card design of their choice, while still being a gift from you. Here are some of the most popular uses/ideas for rewarding others with an e-Gift Card.

  • For new Wellness Advocates just getting started with their business. 
  • As an incentive or gift for a Wellness Advocate for hitting specific goals.
  • As a prize, drawing, or giveaway at a training event. 
  • As a prize or drawing for a team-specific contest. 
  • As a birthday gift for a Wellness Advocate. 

Dollar Amount Tips:
- $36.95 is enough for 250 of our business cards.
- $46.95 is enough for 500 of our business cards.
- $59.95 is enough for 1,000 of our business cards.
- $89.95 is enough for 1,000 of our one-of-a-kind, die-cut bottle business cards.


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