Wellness Advocate Business Cards

Wellness-Advocate-Business-CardsEvery one of our business cards is a work of art designed to leave an impression in the mind of anyone who receives it. Essential Oil Print specializes in distilling the essence of the dōTerra wellness mission into colorful, attention grabbing cards that Wellness Advocates can use to spread their message far and wide, watching their client base expand with every card they pass.

What is a Wellness Advocate?

A Wellness Advocate is much more than just a salesperson. They recognize the health value of essential oils but on a deeper level works for the well-being of those around him or her. People can sense when a salesperson is out to make a quick buck and when they truly believe in the goal of improving lives through natural, essential oils. The primary objective of a Wellness Advocate working with dōTerra Oil is not to maximize profits, as with most companies, but instead to maximize wellness in those around them.

It is easy to become a Wellness Advocate for dōTerra Products. On the dōTerra website, a new Wellness Advocate just has to select the type of relationship he or she wants to have with dōTerra products. By selecting wholesale prices, there will be a small fee for access to the entire dōTerra product line at discounted prices with the following benefits

  • Zero order requirements, monthly or otherwise
  • Reimbursed for between 10 and 30% of your purchases in product credits
  • Product of the month bonuses opportunities from dōTerra
  • Receive compensation for selling dōTerra products
  • The lowest wholesale prices on all products

Wellness Advocates will be improving the wellness of family, friends and those around them but at the same time building an income stream. As they demonstrate the health benefits of essential oils and create eager clients, they will deliver value at retail that they acquire from dōTerra wholesale prices. As they grow, Wellness Advocates will bring others on board and share in their success.

Wellness Advocate Business Cards

Nothing says professional like a business card. We know that a Wellness Advocate who knows and believes in the benefits of essential oils will transmit this energy to the client, but the dōTerra business cards from Essential Oil Print provide the professional touch. Even if a purchase decision isn't made right away, with a business card, the sales visit can be relived hours later when it falls from a pocket or turns up on a car seat. Even when they do more of their own research into the value of dōTerra oil and make their final decision, there too is the contact information of the Wellness Advocate they met.

Business cards are a classic marketing tool and those of Essential Oil Print are tailor-made to express the essence of the dōTerra products. Our cards become the face of the Wellness Advocates' brand. We sell cards of the highest print quality, with bright bold colors and graphical designs meant to synergize the wellness mission of dōTerra. All of our designs come from designers who are also Wellness Advocates. They are passionate about their product and we are so confident in the quality and value of our cards, that we offer a money-back guarantee for any order of cards if we can't make it right. Choose from:

A stack of a thousand business cards, all printed on thick card stock and with the highest quality art and printing. Just a thousand small business cards, but imagine what they can do. Imagine a thousand potential lives improved by dōTerra oils and a thousand potential new clients. An investment in a single stack of cards today could easily gain a Wellness Advocate hundreds or even thousands of sales, and leave a profound impact on many more people who benefit from dōTerra essential oils. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Leave A Lasting Impression with Essential Oil Print

Maybe you just signed up as a Wellness Advocate and aren't sure how to leave a lasting impression. Maybe you have had some success but want to take it to the next level. Or maybe you just found dōTerra today. Whatever your situation, Essential Oil Print can offer the business cards that will help you to expand your wellness network farther than ever before. We donate $1 to Healing Hands for every business card order placed.

Order your cards and launch your Wellness Advocate business today. Contact us here, or call 800-610-4758 to find out more.

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